About Kerry

Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes in the middle of nowhere you find yourself.

I love to write and I am curious about the world around me.

Kerry-Kijewski-Bio-PictureI blog about writing over at: http://www.kkherheadache.wordpress.com

You may not find loads of photographs here. The Internet is teeming with travel photos of all kinds. I aim to paint you a picture with my words, so you can see what it is that I see.

I want to write about the world, as I see it, to offer insightful stories.

I am a proud Canadian, yet have only seen two provinces, including my home.

There is still so much to see here in Ontario and across the country, from out east to out west, up north and back again.

The rest of the world, too, is waiting.

I not only want to offer up my own unique perspective on travel, cultures, and nature. I also want to share the stories of those who have experienced their own unique perspective. I want to ask the right questions of those who have explored the world in ways I myself never will.

I love the sea, with a healthy fear of its power and have had a long phobia of boats. I hate to fly, but find it miraculous. I will wander through the journey of this life and face my fears along the way. Who knows what I will find. Who knows where I may go.

I owe my curiosity of this big and breathtaking planet to those who taught me about its beauty and depth.

From my European grandparents who eventually made Canada their home. To my grandparents who brought back stories of the world they sought out. To my parents who brought me to the world and brought the world to me.

I dedicate The Insightful Wanderer, like you might dedicate a book, to them all because they showed me about this world that is always just within my reach.

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