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VIPS Should Travel in a Bulletproof Car in Philippines

VIPS Should Travel in a Bulletproof Car in Philippines

Vehicles are usually used for comfort and transportation by most people.  For the VIPs vehicles need additional safety and protection. They cannot travel by the normal vehicles because it has a major security concern. The vehicles used by the VIPs are specially designed to provide complete protection in case of any attack. The VIPs use bulletproof cars Philippines which possess special security features and bulletproof designs. By going through the points mentioned below, you can get an idea why VIPs use bulletproof cars in order to travel from one place to another.

bulletproof cars Philippines

Travel Remains Discreet

It is very important for the VIPs to keep their journeys discreet. The armored cars provide privacy apart from protection without drawing any attention. The armored vehicles do not look different from the regular vehicles and hence cannot be identified by their appearance.

Provides Safety

All the VIPs consider safety as their primary concern while travelling and hence they use armored cars.  The bulletproof cars Philippines are well fitted with bulletproof glass and are designed in such a manner that they can tolerate accidents. These armored vehicles are designed while keeping in mind the safety concern. The safety features of these armored vehicles are such that the passengers as well as the driver remain safe and secure all the time.

Vehicle Provides Complete Protection

The safety concerns are considered while designing the bulletproof cars Philippines. The raw materials also provide protection to the passengers. The walls, doors and ceilings of these vehicles are made up of specially galvanized and prepared stainless steel. The use of high-quality stainless steel makes these vehicles very strong and can be used over the years. The car lining is prepared by using fiberglass cloth and the window panes are made up of bulletproof plastic.

Designed to Ensure Safety

While designing bulletproof cars Philippines, safety is given primary concern. Ballistic resistance is given to the vehicles by using hardened steel for preparing the body of the car. GPS equipment and powerful engines are installed in the car. The car also possesses the special ability to run on deflated tires.

bulletproof cars in Philippines

Escort in Safety

Bulletproof cars are known for the safety they provide to the passengers. They are used to escort celebrities or high government officials from one place to another. These vehicles can also reduce the risk of potential dangers and provide the extra protection to the VIPs. These armored vehicles are also used to transport huge sums of money from one place to another.

Features of the Armored Vehicles

The armored vehicles ensure complete protection to the passengers. The fuel tank is plated and is encased in special foam to prevent any damage due to rupture. The Halon fire-suppression system is also present in the vehicles to deal with fires. In the armored vehicles, a trunk containing extra weapons and emergency medical supplies are present. The doors are plated with armor and are very heavy.

The bulletproof cars Philippines often have encrypted satellite phones so that the passengers can easily be in touch with the world. The locking systems, bulletproof glass and military grade armor provide complete protection.