Why I wander

Why I wander

Why I Wander:


It’s the memory from childhood, watching the travel video my grandparents brought back from their trip to Hawaii. Over and over again I would watch, listening to decadent descriptions of clear, warm water, spectacular volcanos, and pineapple fields.

Ever since then seeing these wonders for myself has been a dream that has stayed with me. Dolphins, pineapples, and volcanos await me, somewhere out there.

San Francisco:


It’s the island of Alcatraz off in the distance, across San Francisco Bay. Riding the cable cars. I will walk its length, looking out from the Golden Gate Bridge.

I most wish to visit this California city to hear, for myself, the sounds of the barking sea lions who call this place their home.

Niagara Falls:

It’s my favourite place in the world. Such a place and so close by. So many memories with family can be found there. A world wonder alright, at least to me.

Each time I arrive, I feel a mysterious pull, as if The Thunder Spirits of legend beckon. I stand by the railing and I hear and feel that roar and I am home.



It’s not just the capital city of Ontario, the Canadian province where I live. It is The CN Tower, looking down on it all. Read about my experience walking on the edge in my manifesto.

The city always in constant motion, with an energy you must experience firsthand. It’s baseball, The Toronto Islands, and multiculturalism, where people come together and where my family has too.



It’s a part of me and I don’t know why. The people, the coastline, and the culture. I crossed this bridge, connecting one piece of me to another. Like Ireland itself, its past and its future, north and south become one.

I am a proud Canadian, but I am part Irish too, somewhere deep in my soul.