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You swipe right and you don’t match

You swipe right and you don’t match

You swipe right and you don’t match

There’s no reason to communicate anymore after a breakup, especially if it was a painful one. No need to catch up or see if his annoying co-worker is still annoying. Curiosity killed the cat, girl! Keep moving forward and swipe to the left, to the left (Beyonce voice).

That means he hasn’t seen your profile yet and now you’re left waiting to see if he’ll match with you later on. We both know you’re gonna be in your feelings if he doesn’t match with you. Many guys say they blindly swipe right on everyone so now you’re thinking he purposely did not match with you if you never match. I’m cringing just thinking about it PLEASE!

Or he swipes right on you later on just to see if you swiped right and now he has the satisfaction of knowing you swiped on him. Ew. No. If he’s a petty bitch, he may even unmatch you right after matching so you’ll never know he also swiped right. Conclusion. Swiping on your ex = hurt feelings.

You swipe right and you do match.

You guys match and now you’re thinking “should I message him??” Stop it right now. Never put yourself in a position to be left on read by an ex or really any man for that matter. There’s literally never a reason to do that. It’s embarrassing.

So, you don’t reach out to him and he messages you first. You have an awkward conversation about how you are before it fizzles out leaving you confused or annoyed or sad. Feeling bad is not worth that 7-message exchange!

Now, what I’m assuming is your best case scenario…he reaches out and suggests you guys meet up or he tells you that he misses you. All I’m gonna say is that the perfect scenario you have going in your head is very, very unlikely to happen. You know boys can never get it right! That’s why you guys aren’t together anymore.

Sometimes, people’s capacity for online dating/chatting just changes

Truthfully, there is really no point in matching with an ex unless you’re really trying to get back together with him.

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