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“Water does not resist. Water flows. When you plunge your hand into it, all you feel is a caress. Water is not a solid wall, it will not stop you. But water always goes where it wants to go, and nothing in the end can stand against it. Water is patient. Dripping water wears away a stone. Remember that, my child. Remember you are half water. If you can’t go through an obstacle, go around it. Water does.”
—Margaret Atwood

It’s my favourite thing to drink.

My favourite animals are anything that lives in it.

Most of this planet is covered in it.

The human body is made up of mostly this one thing.

In 1993 the UN established World Water Day. The theme of this day for 2015 is Sustainable Development.

I am one of the lucky ones. I have never gone without it. I can go to any of multiple taps in my home, turn one on, and out it comes.

I can stand under a hot stream of it, shower or bathe when I choose to.

I can buy it in a store. So many now do this. So many others must think us crazy.

I have stood and watched thousands of gallons of water crash over Niagara Falls.

I have swam in all my country’s Great Lakes and gone on a boat ride down a river in Germany.

I have stood at the shore of the Atlantic Ocean in Ireland, Florida, Cuba, and New York.

I have crossed bridges: separating Windsor in Canada and Detroit in the US. I’ve watched fireworks displays above it.

I have stood on the rocks and watched whales surface on the St. Lawrence.

I have stood on a beach, in California, driving in a car along the famous PCH (Pacific Coast Highway).

I have flown over the Atlantic Ocean more than once; all that water and its vast expanse down below.

Standing on a frozen pond in winter, I marvel at how what once was water is now frozen solid, abel to support my weight as I stand and barely skate; not for lack of trying though.

I may one day get over my fear of it, but probably not. It sustains me, us all, but its fury and power frightens me.

At the same time, its beauty provides me with endless inspiration for my writing, for my imagination, and my travel goals.

The sound of the waves is my ultimate peace.

The tides and the currents that mold and have shaped our planet are beyond my ability to grasp.

I take it for granted. I know I do.

I heard a program on television last weekend about the lack of sanitation in Africa. People are living like it’s two hundred years ago, while I can flush my own toilet and wash my hands clean.

I wish I could pour a glass of it for everyone who needs it. I wish mothers and young girls did not have to toil daily, carrying buckets of it on their heads back to their villages.

The oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams.

A back yard pond or the creek/stream that ran through my aunt and uncle’s property, a fairly simple hop/skip/jump from one side to the other.

I want to post picture after framed picture of the seaside on my walls, yet the fear of drowning from my lack of skill to swim is my worst nightmare. Those rip currents and undertows used to keep me fearful and close to shore on the days spent at the beach.

I fear it sweeping me away, no imprint of myself left to prove I was even here.

Like food, there is so much and yet never enough, not nearly enough it seems and yet we do not share. We lack the ability to protect it when we know its value.

Drought in California. Flooding in Alberta. The imbalance of where water is and where it is not.

I want to cross the Pacific to the islands of Hawaii.

I wish I were a marine biologist, out on it everyday and studying those creatures that call water their whole world.

For now I think I will go have a drink of it, nice and cold, and appreciate the fact that I can.

What is your best memory of being on or nearby the water?

  • AD At Accidentally Reflective

    Absolutely LOVE this post! We are so so lucky to have access to beautiful crystal clean water, whenever and wherever we want it. I can relate to so much of what you say – I love water so much, looking at it, listening to it but it’s fury and strength scares me. I could never go on a boat out to sea – It’s so unpredictable.
    My favourite memory is being at the beach and walking through clear sea water along the coast. Waves lapping up my feet and washing up beautiful stones and shells each time. Waking up everyday to see a new landscape shaped by the sea – not knowing what it will bring the next day. Beautiful just beautiful 🙂

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